Mortgage Glossary – C

Canadian Bankers Association (CBA)
A professional association that provides information, research, education, information and operational support services mainly to the banking industry.

Capital Gain or Loss – The profit lost or gained on a financial investment.

Capital Gains – The profit made from investments.

Capital Gains Tax – Taxes owed on the profits from the sale of real estate or investments.

Caveat – A charge or instrument placed on land title.

Certificate of Occupancy – Authorization by a local government for an individual to occupy a newly constructed home or renovated building.

Certificate of Title – A legal document indicating the owners of a particular property.

Chattel – personal property in a home that is removable. Example are: washer and stove

Closed Mortgage – a mortgage that has a set repayment schedule. In order to break a closed mortgage contract, borrowers will have to pay a penalty in order to be release from the agreement.

CMHC – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation also know as CMHC is a governing body that insures high ratio mortgages. A high ratio mortgage is determined by the Loan to value (LTV) on particular mortgage. Mortgages in Canada with a LTV of more than 75% must be insured by either CMHC or Genworth Insurance.

Co-signer – A person or party that agrees to be mutually responsible for a loan. This person or party is legally responsible for the loan payments and total debt.

Commercial Property – a property that is zoned strictly for business use.

Commitment Letter – A document provided by a lender that details all term and conditions in which the lender will lend money to the borrower. The mortgage commitment will often include interest rates and terms and conditions for the mortgage advance.

Comparative Market Analysis or CMA – A process to to produce and estimated value on a property based on previous sales.

Condominium – A multiple unit complex that is individually owned in each owner receives a recordable title.

Condominium Conversion – When a multiple unit building is converted into a condominium. Example are: Rental Apartment complexes converted into condos for the purpose of resale.

Construction Loan – Generally a short term loan for the purpose of constructing a property.

Contract – A written agreement between two or more parties.

Conventional Mortgage – A mortgage that is not insured or guaranteed by CMHC or Genworth. Conventional mortgages in Canada have a Loan to value of less than 75%.

Convertible Mortgage – An adjustable Rate Mortgage or ARM that allows the borrow to convert to a fixed rate mortgage with certain conditions.

Credit Bureau – A company that collect and records information on borrowers. In Canada, there are generally two recognized Credit Bureaus, Equifax and Trans Union.

Credit History – A record on a credit bureau showing the borrowers repayment history on loans.

Credit Rating – Also known as a credit report, a credit rating is the actual number assigned to a borrower to determine credit worthiness.

Credit Report – A history report on an individual or business showing payment history.

Credit Score – A number representing the credit worthiness of an individual or business. Scores generally range from 300 -800. The higher number indicating great credit worthiness.

Mortgage Glossary – B

Bank – A financial institution that borrows and lends money.

Bankruptcy – The financial status of an individual or company that may be voluntarily or involuntarily. The judgment of being legally insolvent. Legally and financially insolvent.

Basis Point – A measurement of a percentage: 1/100th of one percent.

Bill of Sale – A receipt or documented proof that legally indicates a transaction has been completed.

Biweekly Mortgage – Payment of a mortgage on a 2 week cycle. Bi weekly payments are beneficial as they will decrease your principal owing sooner.

Blanket Mortgage- A mortgage that covers more than one property.

Borrower – A person that obtains a loan.

Bridge Loan – A loan that “bridges” the gap between the sale of a home and the purchase of a new home.

Broker – a person or company that acts on the behalf of a client to facilitate a transaction.

Mortgage Glossary – A

Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) – Developed by the Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders (CIMBL). The designation was developed to ensure the highest standard and quality of professionalism within the mortgage brokerage industry. Mortgage Brokers with this designation are continually educated to meet the changing demands of the industry.

Accrued Interest – Interest accumulated but that has not been paid

Acre – a land measurement, equal to 43,560 square feet or 1/640 square mile (4047 square meters).

Additional Principal Payment — Extra payments, usually as a lump sum, allowed toward the loan which goes directly to the principal. These payments are limited depending on the rules of the lender.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) – An Adjustable Rate Mortgage is a mortgage product that will allow your monthly payments to fluctuate from time to time as the prime rate increase or decreases. Some banks will adjust on a quarterly basis while others will adjust on a monthly basis.

Affidavit – A sworn written and signed statement made under oath. Affidavit are made in the presence of a notary public or commissioner of oaths.

Agency — A company that represents clients to carry out legal transactions with a third party.

Agent — A technical expert who works in the interest of his borrower (client) to engage in a legal transaction with a lender. The agent usually gets paid by commission.

Amortization — The gradual payment either by equal or periodic installments towards a debt over a specified time, usually 25 years in the case of a mortgage.

Amortization Term — The specified time for paying off the entire mortgage loan.

Annual Fee — A set fee charged by credited lenders to customers for services rendered each year.

Appraisal – An estimate market value of a parcel of real estate done by an appraiser at a specified date.

Appraisal Fee – A service charge by the appraiser to make an estimate market value of a property at a specified date.

Appraised Value — An estimated value of a property done at a specified date.

Appreciation — An increase in value of a property or item.

Approval – A decision made by a lender to provide financing for a particular loan. Getting a mortgage approval in Alberta prior to house shopping will assist give you when it comes time to make an offer.

As is Where is – The buyer purchase a property with no conditions and at his own risk.

Asking Price — The selling price of the property that the owner requests.

Assessed Value – The value placed on a particular house or land by the city, province or country.

Asset – An item of value that is owned by an individual.

Assumability – The option for a borrower to transfer there mortgage to a different borrower.

Assumable Mortgage – An existing mortgage that can be transferred or assumed by a new borrower.

Mortgage F.A.Q.

Q: How does a mortgage broker get paid?
A: We are paid by the banks a finder fee for each mortgage we arrange. However, we work on your behalf to secure the best mortgage rates in Canada.

Q: What is a Mortgage Broker?
A: A Mortgage Broker in Canada is a person who works on your behalf to find the best mortgage rates and product for you. More importantly Urban Mortgage broker’s services are FREE and we have access to over 54 lenders across Canada.

Q: Where is Urban Mortgage located?
A: Urban Mortgage is located in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer.

Q: How can I contact Urban Mortgage?
A:  You can also contact us directly through our online contact form.

Q: How long does it take to get pre-qualified?
A: It generally takes a minimum of 2 hours to obtain a pre-qualification. There is no obligation with pre-qualifications to obtain a mortgage. Full mortgage approvals can be processed within 24hrs if all documentation can be verified.

Q: Does Urban Mortgage share my information?
A: Urban Mortgage does not distribute your information without your written consent.

Q: Can I finance a rental property?
A: Yes you can at the most competitive rates in Canada.

Q: Do you lend on commercial properties?
A: Yes, we have lenders that deal with both residential mortgages and commercial mortgages.

Q: How fast is the turn around for refinancing?
A: Refinancing your mortgage in Alberta will generally take 15 days from start to end

Q: How do I become a mortgage agent in Alberta?
A: You must complete a mandatory course through the Real Estate Council of Alberta in order to get your license.

Q: Can I still refinance my home if I have been through bankruptcy?
A: Yes. So long as your bankruptcy has been discharged, we are able to refinance your mortgage.

Industry Articles

In this fast-paced and ever-changing market, Urban Mortgage is continually alerting its clients to changes in the housing industry. Please see the articles and news bites below for the latest news.

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News Releases

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February 15/11 – How will $25,000 Change Your Life?
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February 11/11 – Urban Mortgage Inc. selected as a finalist in the CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards
Calgary, AB – After months of nominations and research across the entire mortgage industry, Calgary’s Urban Mortgage Inc. has been selected as a finalist in the CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards 2011…

About Urban Mortgage

Urban Mortgage Inc. is a Calgary-based mortgage brokerage. Our agents have direct relationships with over 54 different lenders across Canada in order to provide our clients with the best mortgage rates and products. We are a company that believes that every client should be treated equally, fairly, and with the highest respect, no matter what their financial situation may be.

Urban Mortgage Inc. was developed by an Alberta mortgage broker with the mindset that every client is unique and should be treated as such. With so many lending institutions and products available to consumers in the market place, it can be overwhelming to choose from the vast array. For this reason, Urban Mortgage agents are continually educated to ensure that the best products and most up-to-date information are passed on to our unique clientele.

We believe the most valuable tool we can offer our clients is our ears. By listening to each client, we can accurately determine which products would best suit their individual needs and circumstances. All too often, banks and mortgage brokerages try to provide cookie cutter solutions for their clients. A product that may be good for one client may not necessarily be right for another.

Urban Mortgage Expert Team
The Urban Mortgage Team

At Urban Mortgage, we not only listen to our clients, we take the time to understand, empathize and most importantly, build a professional relationship with each and every individual.

We offer the best mortgage rates to all of Alberta including these cities: Calgary, Cochrane, Banff, Canmore, Chestermere, Didsbury, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, High River, High Level, Jasper, Leduc, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Sherwood Park, and Okotoks.


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